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mxPlay is an audiomedia player for Atari computers. Features modern GUI, support for long names, drag&drop, playlist, plugin based API etc. Written in C and assembler, taking advantage of many free replay routines.

Developed in 2005 and revitalized in 2013.


mxPlay is a project. You can download the latest release or use its web based svn browser. Current version is 2.1.2 (released 10th of March, 2013).


mxPlay was programmed by Miro Kropacek aka MiKRO / Mystic Bytes in the winter of 2005. Skins and replay routines adaptation were done by -XI- / Satantronic. In 2013, I (Miro Kropacek) have revitalized the code, fixed various bugs and added XMP, ASAP and mpg123 replay routines.


You can write me an email to miro.kropacek (at gmail) or fill in a bug report or feature request.